Power Systems & Renewable Energy

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Sawyer Duncan Engineering’s Power & Renewable Energy Division is dedicated to the complexities of the installation of alternate energy projects like solar arrays. Working with manufacturers, for example Sentinel Solar, SDE is providing complete project management for installations ranging from residential MicroFIT projects to large-scale FIT installations on industrial facilities.

We have put together a team of experienced Engineers with expertise in the energy sector and can provide leadership on the project from the feasibility stage right up to installation.

Ontario’s FIT and Micro-FIT programs can be confusing and we can help.

Whether you’re taking advantage of the FIT or Micro-FIT program as partners in your alternate energy project Sawyer Duncan Engineering can provide the following services:

Site Assessment and Preliminary Project Plan
LDC Pre-FIT Application and Consultation
Pre- FIT Application Building Structural Assessment:
OPA FIT Application
LDC CIA Application
ESA Plan Approval
Building Permit Application
Procurement and Construction Support
Performance Testing
OPA Independent Engineer’s Certificates