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Sawyer Duncan Engineering provides residential, commercial and industrial structural engineering services.

Commercial / Industrial

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SDE are your partners in commercial & industrial structural design. Our services can include preparation of building permit applications, sealed drawings, and commitment to general review. We also provide construction and engineering services support.

Theatre & Concert Rigging

SDE is involved in the engineering of many types of Entertainment Structure: Theatre Rigging, Rock Concert Stages. Recent examples include:
Grand Theatre 1
Grand Theatre Kingston
This beautiful historic theatre underwent a complete renovation which included all new rigging, orchestra shells, acoustic towers and orchestra pit. SDE worked with the Theatre Consultants to ensure all the rigging was built to industry standards.

Similar work in other theatres:
  • Gryphon Theatre
  • Citadel Theatre, Halifax
  • Market Hall, Peterborough
  • Trinity College School
  • Eglinton Grand


Sports Arenas
  • Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa
  • Ricoh Centre, Toronto
  • Oshawa Arena.
Eagles Stage 1

Rock Concerts
  • Bomber Stadium, Winnipeg